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Share your Project

Have you made something using our supplies? Want to share it with others? Email us for a chance of having it posted on our blog and shared on Social Media!

If your submission is posted you will get a $20 Gift Certificate! 

Please follow the instructions below.

1. Email your project to with the subject BLOG POST

2. Include the following in your email.  ALL information MUST be included to be considered for our blog. 

3. Title / Name for your project.

4. Please include "tags" for your project such as "Lawn Fawn"  "Copic"  "Easter" "Christmas" etc.

5. All items used (please list items from our website first and include their SKU #).  See example below for where you can find the SKU #.


6. Detailed instructions with step by step pictures as needed.  Images need to be in a jpg/jpeg format and labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.  The instructions should also reference the picture numbers so we know where to insert the images.

7. Author (Your name)

8. Blog Address or Instagram (If you have one, not required)

9. The email address you would like your $20 Gift Certificate sent to if your project is selected.